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How often should I come?

I get asked this question often...

"How frequently will I need to come?"

Well, that's really up to you and the goals you have for your health and wellness. I like to leave this up to something my patients and I discuss because everyone has different goals.

Most patients start on a weekly basis for a month or two and at that time we discuss things like how your body is holding your adjustments, what your long term goals are, what physical activity you are involved in, how sedentary your life is, how many years of poor body mechanics we are trying to re-educate into good practice, what kind of fuel you feed your body, etc.

It is my recommendation that you stay on a good maintenance schedule for a few reasons... misalignments cause interference in your body that decrease your body's ability to adapt to stressors. These are called {Subluxations} and you don't want them! They are caused by Trauma (the obvious falls, repetitive poor postures or mechanics, car accidents, birthing process, etc), Thoughts (this is STRESS - emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, etc) and Toxins (what we allow to come into contact with our body through food, drugs, environment, etc). Since we encounter these things every single day we need maintenance to make sure our body is in the right state to adapt to them and heal. Without healing we have dis-ease and when dis-ease is present we develop things that are much harder to get rid of costing you more time and money.

I believe that if you feel like you are constantly on a gerbil wheel of chasing a problem you will stay on that mindless loop unless you get ahead of the underlying issues. Increasing your adjustment frequency for a short period of time may be just the nudge your body needs to GET AHEAD OF THE PROBLEM instead of chasing it.

But, as I always say, this is what I recommend, the rest is up to you! :)

Take {CONTROL} of your health, your body, your goals and the possibilities are endless for what you can achieve!

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