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We believe that regular Chiropractic Care is just good hygiene so, we've made care affordable for every body with a spine!  At ChiroWellness, we believe that the body was designed to function without interference and that everyone was given a God given ability to heal.  So, our approach is both proactive and preventative.  Best part, no insurance is needed!  We believe in weekly spinal checks, and adjustments when needed to maintain a properly functioning body.  


Affordable Family Care For Your Entire Family

$40 per adjustment* - Adult
$30 Per Adjustment* - Child

 is all you need to be on the road to Wellness.

*Examination Fee at time of 1st Appointment for ALL New Members.
Adult 13+:  $80
Child up to 13: $50

*Adjustment fees are pay-per-visit and provide non-therapeutic chiropractic spinal care, without regard to symptoms or conditions.  Being a member and visit fees are not a form of insurance.  Medicare and other 3rd party insurance do not cover or support wellness care.

**Adult Fees constitute 13 years old and older.  Child Fees constitute 12 years old and younger.

No Insurance? No Problem!

 The membership is not an insurance program. Members understand that no insurance will be billed or submitted by either our office or the member themselves (see below).

What if I have insurance?

No insurance needed.  Dr. Abbi provides non-therapeutic Chiropractic adjustments to remove subluxations causing nerve interference and allow your life to be expressed to its optimum level.  Non-therapeutic Chiropractic Care is not covered by any insurances. Living the Chiropractic lifestyle provides health assurance, so you can use your insurance for crisis/emergency care - What it was intended for!  This also keeps your premiums low and reduces time down due to illness or injury. 


Benefits of NO Insurance!

1. It keeps the Doctor-Patient relationship about serving you, like we are a family!  Frequency to build more income is taken out of the           equation.
2. It keeps the office overhead low which keeps your fees super affordable.
3. Eliminates barriers to be able to give quality care based on insurance company's opinion about what you need to succeed in achieving  

4. Appointments are speedy.  No waiting.  No hassles.
5. Keeps your insurance premiums lower by not making claims for a service that is preventative and proactive.
6. Keeps you WELL and able to use your insurance for when it's really necessarily - in EMERGENCIES & CRISIS!
7. It allows Dr. Abbi to spend more time with each patient - afterall, we are like a family here. :)
8. Insurance is SICK CARE.  Chiropractic is HEALTH CARE.

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