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Dr. Abbi Huber is a West Michigan native with a dream to serve others through her ability to provide quality, fun, upbeat Chiropractic Care.  She earned her education from Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, Greenville Technical College and graduate studies from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.  

Dr. Abbi took a leap of faith in the spring of 2014 to launch ChiroWellness, an office that would make Chiropractic care affordable for everyone.  Since then, she's grown her practice 'family' by giving the utmost attention to treating her patients holistically.  She specializes in serving young families, teen athletes, pregnant mommas, newborns and kiddos. She also utilizes RockTape, a dynamic motion taping technique to assist with postural changes, instrument and manual adjusting techniques to fit everyone's needs.

In her time away from serving her Chiro Family, Dr. Abbi enjoys spending time with her hubby (Casey) and is an Avid Healthy Recipe Tester, CrossFit Enthusiast, Wannabe Runner, and Dog Mom extraordinaire to their 10 and 6 year old boxer pups, Jake & Molly. 

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