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I. love. germs.


From our Ask Dr. Abbi section: "Should I still come to my appointment if I am feeling sick?" This is a questions that I'm asked often! Although your natural inclination is to stay home when you are sick for risk of spreading it to others, I say, as long as this is not a serious condition that should result in an emergency room visit, come on in!! Why, you might ask? Well, there are a few reasons why. #1. I am NOT SCARED OF GERMS. In fact, I welcome them. The small amount of time you are in the office with me actually helps to boost my immune system and allow me another year of no illness. YES!! #2. Your adjustment can drastically boost YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and help your body to heal faster than if you weren't adjusted. #3. I will gladly clean my adjusting table after your visit to help others, without a strong immune system, to not catch your cold. So, as long as you are feeling up for the drive into the office, or you have someone to drive you, you aren't in need of medical intervention or emergency services, you are welcome to come to the office for your regularly scheduled adjustment! :)

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