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To-Do: Unsubscribe

Okay, I know I'm not the only one who binge watched a show on Netflix that 'Sparked Joy' in the lives of those Marie Kondo was helping... right?!?! I {LOVE} her take on decluttering and minimizing the things in our lives which do not bring us happiness. But, like most of you, my to-do list at the beginning of each day is usually full of NORMAL people things, and there still seems to not be quite enough time to do all.the.things. I strive to make it through the day in the best way possible! Do my best work, prepare HEALTHY meals for myself and my family, keep the dogs alive, get in a workout to keep my body performing how I need it to, run errands, make it to the bank, hit up bible study, keep the house clean, get some healing sleep, oh...and run a business! {who can relate?!?} What I'm getting at here is that there is ALWAYS a list of to-do's but one thing I suggest is clearing up some of the clutter that is actually costing you more time than you realize.

How many of us have an e-mail account (or two..or three?) that we check multiple times a day and are constantly deleting junk emails? Or, have a little red icon reminding us of how many e-mails we have neglected? Or, are wasting time scrolling through accounts on Facebook and Instagram that are taking up our time and brainwashing us to spend money and then we go down a rabbit trail of adding 12 candles to our cart (that we don't need and are toxic) just to find out that the $12 shipping is just not worth the $120 worth of candles we thought we needed and... well, you get the picture. This stuff is KILLING OUR TIME MANAGEMENT!!! This is minutes and maybe even hours of time we'll never get back. And minutes and hours of time we could be working hard at our goals.

Okay, so to not waste any more of your time reading this... If you do one thing this week. Just one. {UNSUBSCRIBE}. From the junk e-mails that end up in your inbox enticing you to buy. Enticing you to take a step back AWAY from your goals. The junk Instagram accounts that steal your joy and lead you to comparison of your life to the highlight reel of someone else's. Unsubscribe from anything that doesn't bring you joy, peace, gratefulness and glory to God. Let is all go. These are the tiny, teeny details that weigh us down. That we forget we need to purge just like we discard items from our closets, drawers and cupboards. NEWS FLASH - It's still January. The start of 2019. As we clear out the junk from our bodies, and junk from our closets, we can also have a clean slate of junk e-mails, junk accounts, maybe even junk followers. Clean up the clutter in your life and see all that you can do with those extra few minutes every single day!!

Happy Unsubscribing!! *But, please keep me around. :D

-Dr. A

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