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Ask Dr. Abbi

Great ready for something new!!! We want to help you with your Wellness questions so... we've added a "Dear Dr. Abbi" section to our website/blog that will be linked here for all to read, to learn and grow from! Have a question for Dr. Abbi? Submit your question to and it may be featured in our next blog post. *a little house keeping before we get started: questions must NOT be person specific and remember ChiroWellness is a Wellness Centered office which does not treat or diagnosis any conditions other than the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Great questions would include: What could I use Coconut Oil for to get started? What is a great way to treat myself post-workout to decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)? What should I look for when looking for good quality essential oils? How does RockTape work? Do you have a recipe for a less chemically laden laundry detergent? Do unicorns really exist? You get the picture! Can't wait to answer all of your Wellness questions. ;) - Dr. A

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