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This Crazy Thing Called RockTape

RockTape. Silly name, crazy results!

Give by the Official RockTape Website, the way this sticky, movable, fabric tape works is multifaceted. First, the tape is designed to have a decompression effect between your skin and the web-like fascia layer below it. This allows for accelerated healing, pain-relief, correction, etc. Most of my patients wonder how a tape on the skin could offer a type of pain relief. Think about this for a minute. If you bump your funny (or not so funny) bone, what is your first instinct? For me, it's to lightly rub my elbow until it doesn't hurt quite so badly. RockTape has a similar effect. By laying lightly on the skin certain nerve receptor are being affected and thus causing this reduction in pain.

There are MANY uses for RockTape but the ones I see and use it for most often are retraining posture. This helps to remind the patient of the correct posture they should be in by giving a very slight stretch to the tape. When the tape feels more taught you are instantly reminded of the position you SHOULD be in.

Swelling and Edema are another popular reason for me to apply RockTape to my patient. By utilizing a certain technique that has the appearance of 'fingers' fluid retention and bruising can be deminished. Check out this application on a patient post knee replacement surgery. The patient reported immediate relief of some pain and within hours had a decrease in swelling.

For best results, I recommend a RockTape application post adjustment and after the area has been RockBladed (more on that in my next blog). This ensures that you are taped in proper joint alignment! RockTape is worn for a duration of 2-7 days at a time. I recommend leaving it on as long as possible to receive the most benefits. Water is no match for RockTape and you are able to shower and swim with no reduction in adhesive. Plus, it looks super cool!

If you are interested in giving RockTape a try, let me know at your next adjustment!

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